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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Log - 2010/12/07

Blending Size and Strength

Week 1/12 - Day 2/4
Tuesday: Light Lower Body and Abs

Unilateral leg press
    1x25 with 45lbs
    1x20 with 45lbs
    1x15 with 90lbs
Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift
    3x12 with 30lb dumbbells
Barbell walking lunge
    2x30 was called for in the program. I was using the bar and was only able to do:
Seated calf raise
    3x20 with 45lbs
    3xfailure (failure ended up being ~18 crunches)

Goal next week is to complete all sets and reps as called for by the program.  I did better in this one than in yesterday's, but was still unable to complete the day.

Upper body still sore from yesterday, lower body already feeling sore by the time I went to bed.

On another note, got PowerDrive in from Biotest.  Used it before this workout, feel that it helped me to complete what I did, as I felt more energized and focused when I got there.  Other supplementation is the same as it has been.

Log - 2010/12/06

Exam Week

This week is the week of exams at school, so my schedule is really crazy, and on top of that, I have to fit in time for last minute studying.

Even so, I've felt motivated over the weekend to start actually doing something instead of going into the gym and prety much just going through the motions like I have been.  So, even though this is finals week, I decided to go ahead and start a program.

If you read any of the old posts on this blog, this program will sound familiar, as it's the Blending Size and Strength program from Testosterone Nation, developed by Dr. Clay Hyght.  When I've done this program in the past I've noticed gains very quickly, as well as feeling like I had my butt kicked in the gym.

So, without further ado, today's workout:

Week 1/12, Day 1/4
Monday: Heavy Upper Body

Barbell bench press
    Warmup with 2x5 with 155 lbs
    6x3 (6 sets of 3 reps) with 175lbs
T-bar row
    6x3 with 125lbs
Standing barbell shoulder press
    5x5 with 95lbs
    5x5, I was unable to complete all the reps in this, I ended up doing:
         3x5 with Bodyweight-25lbs (~205lbs)

The program also calls for these exercises:
Skullcrusher 3x5
Barbell curl 3x5

I was unable to continue after the pull-ups, and had to leave.  I felt like I was going to throw up after all that, and could barely move.

My shoulder was aching pretty bad for the rest of the day, not a pain like a normally have, but a sore type of pain, and I was sore all over by the end of the day.

Next week's goal is to try the workout again with the same weights and try to complete it.

Log - 2010/11/30

Weightlifting Class

Woke up really early today and couldn't sleep, ended up tired throughout the rest of the day. ALso ended up showing up to class 30 minutes early.

Leg Press:
    1x24 with 90lbs
    1x20 with 180lbs
    1x12 with 270lbs
    2x8 with 360lbs

Took a nap in the afternoon

Log - 2010/11/29

Racquetball class today.  Played for about 45 minutes.  It wasn't actual game play, but just playing around hitting the ball, which still consisted of quite a bit of running.  Ended up quite winded in the end.